Some of Tangram’s functionality will roll out as of today for testing to all community members. Although transactions bugs are still being ironed out, opening up the testing process to the community will help with identifying bugs across the functionality on Cypher Testnet and get you started.

For this Open…

Cypher closed testnet will continue throughout the month of May in preparation for open testing in June (date to be announced).

Cypher is Tangram’s final testnet before Tangram’s mainnet release.

The reason for the continuation of Cypher closed testnet throughout the month of May is three-fold for cypnodeand bamboo :

  1. Serf only serves for node discovery and has several drawbacks and that blocks Tangram in enhancing the network communication protocol —…

As we get closer to the Open Beta release of Cypher after its many iterations and upgrades, this article will serve as a high-level overview of where we are today, while providing some status updates.

Here are some of the key accomplishments and insights.

March Review — Technical Improvements

Refactoring, new features and test scripts…

A proposal for an extended distribution model

Distribution models are challenging, especially when creating something new. Discussions around the best way to disseminate a new cryptocurrency follow very researchable short and long-term strategies. These strategies usually fall into two categories:

  1. Genesis distribution;
  2. Ongoing distribution.

If we look at mining, ultimately it contributes heavily to two very simple…


Tangram was created with a singular vision: to inspire, mobilize and empower a new generation of cypherpunks.

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